Price Prediction

Guide shoppers through their purchasing decision by predicting future flight prices with 95% recommendation accuracy. Customers are retained with smart notifications which provide data-driven guidance and notifications about when to book.

Predict with accuracy

Backed by 63 trillion price points, our machine learning algorithms are able to predict future prices with 95% accuracy.

Drive conversion

Re-engage customers and build consumer confidence by notifying them when it’s the right time to buy.

Delight customers

Customers can make data 
backed decisions about when to book their travel, saving them upwards of 40%.

The Hopper Cloud advantage

Sell smart travel without taking on financial risk
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How it Works

Predict when to buy with
 95% accuracy

Offer customers data backed insights

By analyzing over 50 billion real-time flight prices a day, in addition to 7+ years of historical data, our machine learning models are able to forecast with unmatched precision.

Build trust with tailored recommendations

Customers are given data-driven recommendations about whether they should book their trip now or wait for a better price.

Smart notifications guide and engage customers

Customers receive notifications with actionable insights about price trends and are alerted when to book.

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user reviews

Don't take our word for it, here’s what our customers are saying

“Hopper is the best at watching for flight prices and warns when best time to
buy is. So far, when Hopper predicts prices will rise, they have been 100% correct!”

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“I have booked several 
trips now and have saved hundreds. Hopper is spot on for pricing and predictions. 
I have recommended it to everyone.”

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“The most useful for predicting prices! I’m glad I found Hopper and use it often.”

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