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Capital One Travel & Hopper Cloud

Capital One Travel and Hopper Cloud teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind travel offering with industry leading travel benefits.


Create a next-generation travel portal to launch into the premium market with unparalleled travel benefits

Capital One Travel partnered with Hopper Cloud to create a new travel booking experience that delivers smarter features not found anywhere else in the financial industry.

Predictive pricing

Our AI predicts when to buy with 95% accuracy, saving customers money.

Unrivaled flexibility

Make any trip flexible and refundable.

Best price guarantee

Hopper always delivers the lowest possible price available anywhere.


Take advantage of Hopper’s comprehensive and price competitive inventory, fintech products & world-class support

Capital One cardholders will enjoy Hopper’s price predictions as well as additional dynamic features that help protect them from price volatility, provide flexibility, and ensure they receive the best value when booking travel. All via a full white-label offering only with Hopper.

Travel booking

Travel agency

Hopper's foundation as a travel agency – including over 200 airlines and 2M hotels – enables Capital One Travel to provide customers with the best selection, prices, and service across cars, hotels, and flights.

Launch a travel rewards platform

Customer support

Hopper serves as the merchant of record for Capital One Travel and provides VIP level support for all customers who book through the portal.

Travel fintech

Price predictions & trip watches

Hopper’s price prediction technology predicts future
airfare with 95% accuracy and recommends the best time
to book. This tool can help save customers an average of 15% per flight.

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Price drop guarantee

Customers will receive free price drop protection when
they purchase flights based on our recommendation. If the price drops after they buy, customers get a refund of the difference.

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Best price guarantee

The hotel rates in the Capital One Travel portal are constantly compared to other travel booking sites. If there’s a better deal, the prices in the portal are adjusted to meet
or beat prices anywhere else.

Travel rewards

Leveraging its fintech margins, Hopper can offer unbeatable co-funded travel rewards to eligible Capital One credit cardholders.

Some great feedback

Booking through a credit card’s travel portal has several upsides, mainly the ability to earn and burn your miles all in one place. But the new benefits of the Capital One Travel portal make the card issuer stand out from other bank’s booking platforms.
Much of the Venture X card’s value proposition comes from the Capital One Travel portal. Capital One is going all-in on its travel booking platform and aiming to funnel Venture X cardholders through it for all of their travel needs. In that sense, the Venture X is not only a premium credit card; it’s Capital One’s mechanism to direct customers to its travel booking tool.
These changes to Capital One Travel are exciting — and you won't find most of the new features on other bank portals. If its fare prediction and price drop protection are as robust as promised, booking your flights through Capital One versus directly with the airline or through another online travel site could be a no-brainer.

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